Q. Why is there a Cost for this App?
A. We feel for a very humble price of only $1.99 this is a huge value for you to help improve your kicking game. You can’t really get much for under 2 bucks these days! Creating an app is not cheap, so the app fee we charge helps toward our development costs and future improvements and updates. Also, there are no annoying ads in our app!


Q. Who is this App for?
A. The Kick Tracker App is specifically designed for all football kickers, punters and their parents and coaches to help improve in field goal, kickoff and punting skills. It’s suitable for all levels including youth, high school, college and professional athletes.


Q. How will this App help me?
A. You will be able to record details of your kicking workouts and learn from your trends. So say you make better kicks from the middle of the field but struggle kicking on the hashes, or you are accurate from 40 and in but outside 45 you struggle, you will learn all this! It’s very useful to have detailed statistics of your kicking and punting only a few swipes away. It will ultimately help you become a better, more informed kicker and help you learn from your strengths and weaknesses.